This Fireplace Is Perfect For The City

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While living in tall city towers has its upsides, there’s always something to be said for the Normal Rockwell lifestyle of being curled up inside by the fireplace. Thanks to a new advancement though, developments are installing Hearth Cabinets more and more to remedy these needs.

HearthCabinet has created a “ventless fireplace”. An actual flame that requires no flume, gas, chimney, or even electricity, and without having to succumb to those twist on colored flames or, heaven forbid, the TV fireplace. The product works by burning through alcohol gel cartridges, similar to those of a Sterno under a chaffing dish. Each unit is single use and burn out rather than growing into too big a flame, meaning there’s no plume of smoke to fill the living room when shifting the logs. Each cartridge of the alcohol gel burns for about two to three hours and doesn’t need to be vented.


Each fireplace is also about the size of a paper box, and therefore customizable to any home or setting since they don’t need a whole chimney built into them, making them perfect for apartment buildings. The trend is also taking off with some of New York’s biggest names with fashion icons like Diana Berkeley of Alice and Olivia recently installing one in her home. The fireplaces are the perfect thing to add the right amount of heat to your apartment this winter.

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