How-To: Buy In The Hamptons

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Fall is here, which means everyone in New York has returned from their summer Hamptons getaways, and is whimsically counting down the days until Memorial Day 2018 is here and we can all board the Jitney out East again for another Hamptons Summer. For those looking to make the bold investment of buying a home in the Hamptons, Fall is the best time to get out and start looking for that perfect space. Between potential renovation time, the time it takes to close deals, look at different properties, involve the bank, lawyer, family’s opinions, and more, starting in the Fall is the best time to get summer planning underway. But fear not, trust these helpful tips for getting your feet wet in the Hamptons waters.



Locally Grown


For most buyers, especially those with multiple homes, the Hamptons can be an exciting venture. Certain people may be looking to use their real estate lawyer that they use for most projects. While having someone you know and trust on your side is always helpful, its important to reach out to someone who knows the legal dealings of the Hamptons first hand. Throughout the different towns and neighborhoods, the building codes, property line restrictions, and various ordinances vary a great deal, and can be tricky for a non-native Hamptonite to know how to handle the process.



Talk Of The Town(s)


Each town in the Hamptons, From Hampton Bays to Montauk, has its own distinct feel, residents, and goings on. It’s important to visit the Hamptons prior to buying and get a feel for which town you most identify with. While Montauk typically has a bit younger crowd due to its surfing and nightlife scene, East Hampton has a bit of an older crowd, with a more refined taste. (Think less Surf Lodge, more Eleven Madison Park’s Summer House.) Each neighborhood is perfect for the right kind of buyer, and are nuanced in their own way. Spend a little time in each one to find the one that’s the perfect fit.



Get Low


For those looking for the Hamptons homes you’ve seen in TV and movies, make sure to look “south of the highway”. These are beachfront homes and often built into megamansions that sit upon acres of land. Living south of the highway comes at a bigger price, but offers the Gatsby level entertainment one associates with Hamptons lifestyle.



Look Around


Anyone who knows the Hamptons, knows that Amagansset is an old latin phrase for Sitting in Traffic. Getting around in the Hamptons, particularly on weekends in the middle of the summer, can take a lot longer than expected with roads congested with travelers and commuters alike. Finding the right home means knowing how far that space is from the things you may be interested in being near, whether that’s the beach, restaurants, bars, or the Jitney stop back to the city.



Team Up!


Finding the right broker in the Hamptons is critical to finding the right home. While there are top notch brokers specializing in the Hamptons—some ranked best in the country by the Wall Street Journal’s list even—there are definitely those specializing in modern to traditional, or anything in between. While Susan Breitenbach at Corcoran or Zach and Cody Vichinsky at Bespoke Real Estate are all great realtors, finding the brokerage team that fits your style and taste might make one more suitable than the other.



Call In For Backup!


The Hamptons, much like New York City, is in a constant state of flux with renovations, new constructions, fixer-upper homes, and run-of-the-mill installations. Buying a home doesn’t need to be set in stone, and the Hamptons has some of the best luxury builders and designers in the whole country at any new resident’s disposal to rethink the home to better suit your needs. As you look to buy that perfect new summer getaway, don’t look at each property only for what you see, but see past what it could be. That said, keep in mind that additional renovations will raise that price up higher than you may have expected.

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