Lori Carroll Discusses Updating your Home in Honor of the New Year and Decor Resolutions for 2015

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Name three ways readers can update their homes and start fresh in honor of the New Year.


First, I would suggest updating fabrics around the house. Switching worn, outdated colors and patterns with brighter, crisper options will give homeowners a fresh perspective for the New Year.


Painting is always a great way to make things new again. For an uplifting start to 2015, think about energizing a room with a “Color of the Year” from one of the major paint manufacturers.


Rearrange furniture. Move seating arrangements around to make a space feel more inviting. Even relocating pieces to different locations throughout the house brings renewed energy to a home—perfect for ringing in 2015.


What are a few home décor-related New Year’s resolutions you’d suggest readers strive to achieve in 2015?


  • Reduce visual clutter. We all have mementos and collectibles we like to display to make our house a home; however, not containing them will have the opposite effect and make a space feel uncomfortable. Choose accessories wisely; adding a splash of color and interesting textures to change the tone of a room.


  • Everything doesn’t have to match. The key to a casual, comfortable space is to have contrasting elements throughout. Regardless of your style, include pieces that don’t necessarily fit the genre of your design plan; for example: pair modern pieces with traditional to add depth to any room.


  • Most importantly, homeowners shouldn’t hesitate to consult with an interior designer regardless of how large or small a project is. Most interior designers are flexible with how they work with clients, and are valuable assets in the pursuit of the perfect design.


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