Ivey Design Build’s Recently-completed Residential Design Resembles a Tropical Oasis

Kirk Ivy

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When he started his own firm, Ivey Design Build, Kirk Ivy developed a great reputation for his trustworthy, honest and ethical way of conducting business. Kirk has worked in international markets, using his expertise in construction, interior design, and information technology architecture to thrive in this industry.

Photo Credit: Ivey Design Build

Kirk chose to highlight a beautiful Ivey Design Build project which exemplifies the one-of-a-kind work the firm consistently delivers.


Haute Design: There is a wide range of natural elements throughout the home. How do you go about using outdoor elements and making them fit so naturally inside a modern home?

Kirk Ivy: The protagonists of this project were always the sea and nature. From the very beginning the architect in charge wanted to make sure that nature would be a big part of the project's structure and theme. Being on the seventh floor, the ocean is the primary focus. Limestone was used throughout the floor to mimic the sand so that there would be a continuous dialogue between the sea and all the finishes, materials and tonalities.

HD: What really adds to the natural aesthetic is the quantity of natural light seen throughout several spaces in the home. Was this something the client required?

KI: The privilege of natural light was something we had to take advantage of and accentuate to the fullest. We worked very closely with our client to find the right location for his home, where he would properly be able to rest and find peace. Natural light was always something we strived to find and, in this case, it became a major ally for us.

So much so, that we were able to add an interior window into one of the bathrooms, where the user could appreciate the sea, light and nature, despite being this being inside a bedroom and not adjacent to the perimeter of the building.

Photo Credit: Ivey Design Build

HD: The art pieces and accessories seem to do most of the leg work when it comes to bringing in color to the home. Was that by design?

KI: The art selection was a collaboration between the client, his wife and daughters. Each piece was selected to bring life to the home in its own way depending on its location and the story behind it. For example, "The Mulucans" by Hunt Slonem, which is located in the master bedroom, brings nature into the room. The master bedroom is on the west side of the apartment, where you have a view of the street and plenty of trees. The inspiration was that the parrots from the piece came from the trees outside to rest on branches inside the room - to bring their music and color indoors. Additionally, we chose to not hang this piece, but rather, we designed a shelf to support it and act as a branch for the parrots.

Photo Credit: Ivey Design Build

HD: What was the most unique or challenging aspect of this project?

KI: What makes this project unique is that we were able to maintain the same design language in all areas of the house, with the same architectural details. For example, on the baseboards, ceilings and walls, there is a consistent half reveal detail. This can also be found throughout the millwork, cabinets and doors. This was the most challenging and fun aspect about this project. It pushed us to guarantee the space felt larger and more harmonious.

Photo Credit: Ivey Design Build

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