Duoma Atelier is Ready for South Florida Outdoor Living and Entertaining

Duoma Atelier

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Duoma Atelier is a multidisciplinary interior design studio that provides innovative and high-quality solutions for clients’ diverse lifestyles. What sets Duoma Atelier apart, is that it's comprised of two key facets, by way of founders Norma and Gaston Galella. Together, Norma and Gaston provide peace of mind and bespoke design through their concierge, turnkey services.

Gaston Galella, Norma Galella, Chloe Swain

Photo Credit: Jeanne Canto

With Springtime well underway and most of the country looking forward to the sunny summer months, Duoma Atelier spoke to Haute Design about the principles to good outdoor design.


Haute Design: How important is outdoor residential design for your clients?

Norma Galella: Because South Florida's weather is great all year long, a thoughtfully designed outdoor living area is just as important as the interior design of a home. Our clients are always asking us to come up with innovative solutions that provide the best use of their backyards, and in this market, every square foot is prime real estate.

Photo Credit: Jeanne Canto

HD: What are some of the most important aspects of outdoor design?

Gaston Galella: The most important is designing beautiful and functional spaces based on the client's needs. We start by asking some important questions: 'Is there a need for a separate multipurpose house for guests or other uses? What is your entertaining style? Do you want a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen or just a small kitchenette? What kind of landscaping do you prefer? How many shaded areas will you need for outdoor dining and lounging?' And the list goes on.Photo Credit: Jeanne Canto

HD: Does the exterior of a home need to match the interior? If so, how is this done?

NG: We approach the outdoor design in the same way we approach interior design - by getting to know the client and letting their style and experience guide us. The interior of a home needs to express a cohesive story, but each space can have its own personality. This same concept applies for outdoor areas. Nature plays a big role, but you should still bring some of your interior style, colors and textures for a seamless transition.

Photo Credit: Jeanne Canto

HD: What is your favorite aspect of outdoor design?

NG: We love to provide a comprehensive design package. To have the opportunity to marry our interiors with exteriors is exciting. Our clients benefit tremendously, not only by hiring our full concierge turnkey services, but also by allowing us to design their entire home. This way, all they have to do is relax and enjoy their beautiful spaces.

Photo Credit: Jeanne Canto

HD: What are some tips to have in mind when designing outdoor spaces?

GG: The type of materials for outdoor spaces are very different from indoor spaces. That's the first thing to keep in mind while selecting furniture and finishes. Always ask if the material you are considering is suitable for outdoor use. This will depend whether pieces or materials are under shade or completely exposed to the elements.

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