Eames and Uniqlo Launch Collaboration Collection

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In collaboration with SPRZ NY EAMES Collection, clothing retail giant Uniqlo is launching a new line of products with the team from Eames design in stores worldwide. The launch started in stores just last week with a range of products featuring Eames’ signature mid century modern design concepts and graphics, to graphic tees with the blueprints and specs of the Eames’ classic lounge chair.

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Uniqlo has commanded the retail scene in recent years as the go-to destination for staples like white oxford shirts, to tan peacoats, to traditional options that seem refined, understated, and elegant. Their collaboration with Eames for this new line of products blends their simplicity in appearance with the matching quality of craftsmanship in a product, which Eames and Uniqlo both share. The SPRZ NY collection is part of an ongoing collaboration Uniqlo maintains with various brands and artists to incorporate other forms of art in their design. In a recent statement from Uniqlo, the company explained, “SPRZ NY (for "Surprise New York") is a global project where art and fashion meet, creating something magical. SPRZ NY items are inspired by famed and influential artists of our time and include specially designed products like T-shirts, outerwear, innerwear, and more. This season's Eames collection is part of UNIQLO's ongoing collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York under the SPRZ NY project.”

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Eames famously came into its now iconic stature in design in the mid-20th century. A pioneer of the mid-century modern look of home interiors, Eames remains a stalwart of design and décor options with incredibly well crafted pieces that have recently come back into popularity as a retro-chic design tactic being used by more and more designers. With this collaboration with Uniqlo, the brands legacy will be reaching a new era of homeowners and designers in a younger, millennial crowd.

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