Cimarron Mountain Club Is The Exclusive Ski Resort You Need

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With skiing season quickly approaching, locales out west like Telluride and Crested Butte are becoming a bigger destination than any in the US. While Aspen has long been called the go-to high-end ski destination, everyone’s already booked their flights there, leaving less powder, and higher hotel rates for you and your friends to go. Luckily, the Cimarron Mountain Club, a 1,750-acre private ski resort nestled right between Telluride and Crested Butte is perfectly situated to give any skier the maximum range in terrain to ski though. The big breaking point is its major exclusivity. As the only exclusive resort in the region, only 15 member families will have access to the land to ski through the uncrowded terrain like no other resort in the country can offer.

The plan with this area is to buy a piece of this pristine land in the Rockies, and build one’s own cabin to be a part of the 15 families that will soon inhabit the terrain. To put that in perspective, once all the sections of this property are sold to each of the 15 families, it will yield over 100 acres of untouched land to ski for each family alone. Stop thinking about the other big ski destinations and find a piece that can be entirely your own at CMC.

Skiing  Cimarron Mountain Club,  Cimarron Colorado  - Feb 2013

The team that runs the club is also veterans of the area’s ski industry. Throughout the 90’s and 00’s, Jim Aronstein and his wife Patsy searched high and low throughout the Rocky Mountain States to find only this site up to their standards. They’ve also brought on as senior members the former leaders of the Aspen Skiing Co, Telluride Ski Resort, and the former mayor and President of Vail Resorts to help streamline the beautiful club they’ve created.

(Side Note: I actually don’t really like skiing. My family does, but I don’t. I do love ski chalets, and hot chocolate with some brandy in it near big fireplaces. Let me just say, this place checks those blocks off in a big way. While skiing may be the reason for the season at Cimarron Mountain Club, the space is also full of other amenities from snowshoeing, flat tire biking, steam rooms, a pool and hot tub, fitness center, hiking, snowcats, and side-by-sides. I could go here for a full vacation and never strap into skis and have just as incredible of a time. Not to mention, the same reason people are flocking here because tourists in Aspen hog all the fresh powder, think of how much cocoa you’ll be able to drink while they’re all out skiing. Just saying, as a note to all the non-skiers out there….)

The property is also moved to a luxury lifestyle. The cabins are a beautiful way to relax and take in the great outdoors in the region, while still being able to put your own spin on how to live in the area. While the lodge has worked with various hoteliers in the region for how to make the most luxurious stay possible for residents, members can also be deeded a site on the land to build their own cabin, if they desire. To buy into the area comes with a price tag of $3.2 million to buy in, with an additional $50,000 per year to maintain. With more terrain collectively than Aspen Mountain available to member families given access, CMC is the destination you need to be a part of this Winter to avoid another season of claustrophobic runs down the slope. Be a part of this team and live in luxury on 35-acre sections of the land while being free to ski at last.


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