The Art Of The Modern Luxury Bathroom

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Ultra-deluxe. Luxurious. Spa-like. Three words that define the modern luxury bathroom.

Having created the state-of-the-art luxury bath, architects and designers are now taking it one step further by creating tomorrow's luxury baths, today. All of which means, the feel-good bathroom has definitely made a big splash and is here to stay, as one of tomorrow's must-have luxurious rooms.

Take a plunge into these most exquisite luxury bathrooms that put the lux in luxury, and you in that luxurious spa-like state of mind.

The Horizontal Shower

The Modern Luxury Bathroom

Christie's International Real Estate

What about a horizontal shower that allows you to recline as you shower? Yes, it’s here and incorporates the principles of Kneippism, a philosophy promoting the health-enhancing power of water. Water is applied to different parts of your body, at different temperatures, both of which have an impact on making you feel better. You can use your shower to enhance your energy or to calm yourself down.

Reign Of The Tub

The Modern Luxury Bathroom

At the other end of the shower spectrum is the tub with polished silver faucets and Italian marble that lend to a flamboyant, decadent feel.

Bath enthusiasts may set the temperature and depth of their bath water, with just a click of an app while devouring the view.

Simply Spacious

The Modern Luxury Bathroom

Emblematic of the luxury bathroom is the freestanding tub and stunning view. The central focal point and sculptural element in this luxury bathroom is the tub itself with its organic, shell-like form that softens the room’s rectangular shape and brings indoors the serenity of the beach.

Recline and relax in this tub with curves that fit with the curves of your body.

The Private Sanctuary With Oceanview

The Modern Luxury Bathroom

The master en suite bath is now so luxurious and similar to one that might be enjoyed at a sybaritic resort. Soak in a soothing bubble bath while savoring the most tranquil, daring beach views imaginable. Open up a sliding door and experience the most perfect, private, personal sanctuary.


The Modern Luxury Bathroom

Christie's International Real Estate

The sequence of the mundane morning routine has been elevated to a level of enjoyment that is hedonistic. Each half of the couple can get out of their side of the bed, walk into a bathroom with enough elbow room to keep the romance alive.

The Modern Luxury Bathroom

Shaving has never been so pleasurable.

The Bath With Exquisite City View

The Modern Luxury Bathroom

In the high-end residential skyscrapers that are now altering the New York City skyline, the ability to gaze down upon Manhattan or take in a breathtaking view of the Hudson River, while bathing and showering is very much a must-have.

While the rest of a penthouse has become an open-floor plan to suit modern, sociable lifestyles, the bathroom has become an even more private space. Offering an escape from the hubbub and chaos of the city, a picture window keeps the sleek tub at center stage, in terms of the view and personal wellness.

The Modern Luxury Bathroom

Sophistication has become ramped up to create that worldly bathroom that pleases the escapist, the lounger, the romanticist and the all-out hedonist. Whether it's choosing large-format stone and marble slabs or handmade elements that showcase craftsmanship, the end result of the creation of any ultra-deluxe luxury bathroom must be a perfect, private spa-like experience.

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