Rita Chraibi’s Rich Design Upbringing Allows for Masterful Approach

Rita Chraibi

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Rita Chraibi launched International Designers by Rita Chraibi in 2013, introducing her European design expertise and French “Art de Vivre” influence through modern, luxury designs to residential and hospitality projects in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Rita Chraibi

Photo Credit: Juan Pablo Castro

Rita recently discussed her design background with Haute Design and explained how it affects her approach with high-end clients.


Haute Design: How has your rich design background influenced your career?

Rita Chraibi: When I was young, my dream was to become a fashion designer. Life has steered me toward the world of interior design. I had the chance to study in a world-renowned prestigious architecture and design schools in Paris, École Camondo, but I kept this love and passion for the world of creation and fashion design. This is why in my creations I always incorporate major fabric brands such as Christian Lacroix, Jean-Paul Gauthier, Hermès, Missoni, etc. The thought process is that they 'dress' my interiors the same way a fashion designer would dress a unique top model on fashion runways. I think, in the luxury spectrum, this touch humanizes the spaces and adds a chic and simultaneously 'haute couture' signature.

Haute Design: As we know, the process of interior design depends not only on the designer but the client as well. How do you share enough about the client but also control the design narrative all at once?

Rita Chraibi: I believe the role of an interior designer is to tell the story of an interior. This interior has to be as unique as its story. I always listen very closely to my clients' expectations in order to create and design up to the standard of expectations of their dreams. It is from those dreams that I tell a story - a unique story: the story of the interior. To me, this is the most important role an interior designer must play at the beginning of each adventure in order to determine what a project can represent.

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