Maison Valentina Unveils New KOI Collection Pieces

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Luxury bathroom label, Maison Valentina has expanded its lavish KOI Collection with novel pieces. Rendered in exquisite materials like brass and marble, the new creations – from a mirror to a washbasin to a bathtub – exhibit bold artistry that elevates the bathroom space.

“Our main focus went through escaping the cross-design that has been done in the past using other brand’s style pieces but at the same time trying not to escape the Maison Valentina identity and its luxury authenticity,” said designer Joao Matias.

Here are Maison Valentina’s latest KOI additions.


PETRA bathtub
Blending Ibiza marble and wood, this bathtub draws inspiration from the ancient city of Petra. Matching the visual uniqueness of the stone city, the tub combines glossed wood and disparate shades of white in a luxurious look.


PETRA washbasin
With its intense dark body and melted-marble-like sink, the washbasin is a natural complement to the PETRA tub.


TORTOISE washbasin
The Tortoise hard outer shell has for century made for an opulent raw material. Its one-of-a-kind decorative pattern is fully revealed with this washbasin, speckled with hues of black, grey and golden.


KOI Mirror
Able to add a contemporary touch to any bathroom design, this mirror fuses design references from two distinct cultures. Its overall shape reminds of the family crests of European nobility, while its two side openings evoke carp scales – a major Japanese symbol.


KOI Soap Dish & ELLA towel ring
Shaped like carp scales, these are two other pieces that borrow its design from the rich Japanese sensitivities.


ELLA puff
Harking back to ancient Greece, this puff offers both relaxation and luxury.

Images courtesy of Maison Valentina 

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