‘Floatwing’ Is a Floating Home Concept that can be Packed up and Shipped

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With the introduction of their ‘floatwing’ concept, Friday––a firm that focuses on “creating technologically advanced nautical and water related leisure devices and equipment“––has joined the floating living space wave.

friday 2

Six meters in width, the expandable floating living space can accommodate up to three bedrooms, and is said to be ideal for anything from intimate getaways to larger family outings.

friday 3

Boasting a fully functional kitchen, a wine cellar, a barbecue area, and an upper terrace, the ‘floatwing’ is perfect for entertaining guests.

friday 4

It was built using eco-friendly materials and technologies, such as a compact, activated sludge wastewater treatment plant. This ensures that it is both energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

friday 5

The heat pump and an AC generator allow for comfort, especially on trips down waterways, where the temperature could potentially fluctuate. This mobile unit can be self-sufficient for, at minimum, a week at a time if fully charged.

friday 6

The ‘floatwing’ design also allows the entire home to be easily packed up and shipped to just about anywhere.

Images courtesy of Hypebeast and Design Boom

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