Dante DiSabato Discusses Real Estate Trends in Naples

Dante DiSabato

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With its tropical climate and scenic beaches, it's no surprise that Naples has been named the happiest and healthiest place in America consecutively for three years. Homebuyers have been relocating to Naples to enjoy the fine dining, lush landscapes and world-class shopping. Real Estate tycoon, Dante DiSabato sat down with Haute Residence to discuss the current real estate trends and lure that is attracting homebuyers to Naples.

What real estate trends have you seen in the last 5 years and what do you predict for the next 5?

In the last five years, we have seen our market continue to increase year after year with a decrease of good inventory. The Naples secret is out as the happiest and healthiest place in America year after year, making it a destination for people to purchase and rent more and more. We continue to grow but grow with class as I tell people. Naples has not lost its charm, its beaches or its sunsets. We just added a few more guests. In the next 5 years, I predict we will continue to grow and values will continue to increase due to the increase of updated lifestyle that we keep adding.


Heading into the 4th quarter of 2018, what is the market looking like right now? Are you expecting more homes on the market or to go off the market? 

The market is moving at a fast pace. I expect us to have an earlier season than last year as I am already seeing traffic in October. More homes will go on the market with people looking to make a change with their current home or new prospects buying a vacation home. My last two listings sold in six weeks and in eight days if that gives you an idea.


What are homebuyers looking for when relocating to Naples?

When relocating to Naples homebuyers are always looking for location first to match their lifestyle. Naples offers something for everyone. If they like dining, shopping, arts, beach, golf, fitness, tennis, social, there is a place to be for everyone.


Are there specific areas or neighborhoods homebuyers are most interested in?

I think that there is a place for everyone looking to buy in Naples. However, most people want to be around downtown, which gives them the ability to walk to the beach and town. That area, called Olde Naples, tends to be single-family residences, though there are some condos mixed in. But if you prefer the high-rise lifestyle, we have that as well, but they tend to be on the beaches and a bit beyond walking distance to downtown’s shopping and dining.


What is the lifestyle like in Naples?

For the third year in a row, Naples was named the Happiest and Healthiest City in America. Right away, that tells you this place is special. The dining, the beaches, the arts — we have it all. And, obviously, we have some of the most beautiful beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. We have gorgeous landscaping, world-class shopping on Fifth Avenue South and Third Street South. In addition, it features many farmers markets, parades and events, such as music and art festivals. It also offers walkability to the beach and the Gulf of Mexico for year-round sunsets. Not to mention it’s a boater’s and golfer’s paradise. It really has it all.



Photos courtesy of Dante DiSabato

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