Relax and Get Pampered this Holiday Season at The Grand Wailea’s Spa Grande

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'Tis the season when it seems everyone’s stress and anxiety level runs a little higher. Whether it is holiday shopping, financial stress, family obligations, work deadlines, or our normal day-to-day routine, the holiday season always seems to bring with it a sense of increased stress for most people. One of the pleasures of the Maui lifestyle is enjoying one of the premier locations for relaxation in the world, Spa Grande at The Grand Wailea.
Spa Grande is one of the first spas to reflect a cohesive balance between the ancient traditions of East, West, and Hawaii with its vast array of therapies. Eastern therapies focus on one’s internal wellness through the use of herbs and ancient eastern techniques. Spas from the West focus on new technologies to enhance the body’s outer and inner beauty. Our journey culminates in the Hawaiian Islands, where wellness is achieved through the harmonious integration of nature and culture. At Spa Grande, you will discover a new level of well-being where beauty, nature, and wellness unite.

Spa Grande
Forming the basis of Spa Grande’s philosophy, East meets West in the Hawaiian Islands, is the termé hydrotherapy circuit, a series of thermal baths and showers designed to soothe and rejuvenate your body and mind. As a spa guest, you are invited to spend an hour enjoying the benefits of the termé prior to your spa treatments. The Western corner features a Roman whirlpool with a cold plunge, a detoxifying dry Redwood sauna and a soothing eucalyptus steam room. In the Eastern corner are traditional Japanese Furo baths with hot and cold plunges.

Maui Spa Grande Reflection Pool
The Hawaiian Islands corner features three cascading waterfalls dropping from a height of 10 feet to massage your neck and shoulders, and two tropical showers with 50 invigorating water jets that massage your entire body from head to toe. Also nestled in the Hawaiian Islands corner are five Hawaiian sea salt baths created exclusively for Spa Grande. In partnership with salt masters on the island of Moloka’i, each “Island Bath” combines a special selection of natural, freshly harvested premium sea salt, blended with an array of indigenous minerals, herbs, fruits and spices that epitomize the personality of each island. Finally, your skin is prepared to absorb the nutrients of your treatment with a full-body, honey-mango, loofah exfoliation.

Maui Spa Grande Waterfall
Voted “Top 10 Spas in the United States” by Condé Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure magazines, Spa Grande at the Grand Wailea is one of the best spas on Maui and one of the most luxurious resort spas in Hawaii. Spa Grande offers a wide assortment of treatments that reflects a balance between the traditions of the East, West, and ancient Hawaii. Experience a harmonious infusion with one common goal: to unite your inner wellness and outer beauty.

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