Susan Rocco Reveals Decorating your Home for the Holidays and the Difficulties of a Design Project

Susan Rocco

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Name a few tips for those looking to decorate their homes for the holiday season in a non-traditional way.

It’s that time of the year again, planning and decorating for the holiday season is upon us. While many unpack their boxes of tried and true beloved decorations, others may want to try non-traditional ways of decorating this time around. For those who want to take the less conventional route this season but still enjoy the rich, fantasy set-like drama of holiday decor, I would suggest taking a little inspiration from storefront display windows. You will find Christmas trees and wreaths, for example, are no longer explicitly trees or wreaths, they maintain their iconic shape but are composed of different objects limited only by your imagination. For those looking for a warm, simple and casual aesthetic, lit gathered branches creatively arranged are a fresh take on traditional heavy greens in garlands and trees. To go even more minimal, consider skipping the ornaments and incorporating accent colors instead. Perhaps doing placemats, dish towels, rugs in vibrant jewel tones in metallic or pearlized fabrics.

Storefront Window During Christmas

What do you feel is the most difficult part of your job (e.g. having to marry your personal style with that of your clients, locating the perfect furniture pieces to suit a space, drafting layouts, having to work long hours, etc.)? What’s the easiest?

The most difficult part of my job is probably the long hours. Juggling several jobs simultaneously requires putting in long hours of work in order to give each job full attention. When I meet with a client, their expectation is that my service to them has been undivided. They don’t want to hear about how another job might have caused me to overlook something in theirs. They want to feel confident that my proposed design is the absolute best solution I arrived at after being fully involved in the design process and considering alternatives. I am aware of this and compensate by working longer hours to make sure that I am equally and fully invested in each project. On days when others expect to be typically off with their families, my job requires me to accommodate the needs and requests of my clients who do not want to hear excuses. On the flip-side, there is no greater reward than having a client who is ecstatic with not only the design but the end result.

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