Linda May Discusses Common Recreational Activities and Three Things to look for when Purchasing a Home

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1)  What are some of the most common recreational activities residents of your region like to partake in? Are there any specific spots they like to frequent to enjoy such to-do’s? (For example, a certain lake people like to go fishing at, park they enjoy jogging in, beach to go swimming/surfing at, etc.).

Being in California, all outdoor activities are popular year-round. The most common recreational activities in our region are surfing, swimming, sunbathing, golf, tennis, wine tasting, etc. There are tons of fabulous spots to partake in these activities whether it’s here in Beverly Hills or beachside in Malibu! Los Angeles has something for everyone!


2) Name three things those looking to purchase a new home should do even before beginning their search (e.g. researching a neighborhood, checking one’s credit score, etc.).

The three most important things for buyers looking for a new home are: 1)Driving through the neighborhoods they are interested in at different times throughout the day. 2) Talking to people they know, such as friends and neighbors about their interested areas and getting a better feel for what they can expect. 3) Last but not least, if they are looking in Los Angeles, measure the drives times to all your favorite places!


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