Olivia Hsu Decker Talks About Popular Home Amenities and Renovations

Olivia Hsu Decker

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What are the most popular home amenities that homebuyers look for in a property?

A modern new kitchen, new bathrooms, an open-floor plan, a gym, a wine cellar, and a media room are what buyers are looking for.


Does that differ when shopping for a winter home? How?

I don’t see a difference. Of course, with a summer home, buyers would want a pool and spa, and an outdoor barbecue or kitchen for entertaining and family gatherings.


How willing are home buyers to renovate a home so that it incorporates a certain feature they are looking for?

Most high-end buyers prefer not to renovate because the remodeling plan approval and permit process in most cities takes a very long time. Buyers with money prefer to buy a home that is newly built or already beautifully renovated so they can move in without a lengthy, messy, and often very expensive renovation. Most of my very high-end buyers want to buy a turn-key home, where they can even buy the entire furnishing and just move in and enjoy the property right away. If they want to add a special feature, they can do it later.


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